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Empowering Communities and Leading the Way in WASH Education

21 Oct 2023

WASH-Ed's Thomas Da Jose, a dedicated problem solver and lifelong advocate for science and technology, has charted a remarkable journey towards engineering excellence.

Today, his unwavering commitment is directed at transforming the lives of vulnerable communities in the Philippines and bolstering disaster resilience in NSW. In his dual roles as the co-founder and director of Masy Consultants and his work at E3 Advisory, a high-performing infrastructure advisory firm, Thomas weaves a narrative of impact and innovation.

His passion for humanitarian endeavors stems from his roots in Western Sydney, where the concept of "The Bayanihan Spirit," or paying it forward, deeply resonated with him. This driving force inspired his mission to bring positive change to the Philippines, South-East Asia, and Australia. Thomas's transformative journey has led him to witness firsthand the challenges faced by numerous communities, particularly young students who lack access to clean water and dignified sanitation facilities. In response, he has orchestrated a symphony of lifesaving innovations, including capacity-building programs, community-led sanitation marketing, and the construction of locally fabricated handwashing stations across the Philippines.

With a team of 31 dedicated volunteers spanning Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, Thomas has championed these initiatives, leaving a profound impact. His recent creation, WASH Education (WASH-Ed), an innovative learning curriculum for elementary schools in the Philippines, stands as a testament to his relentless pursuit of progress. Recognized by the Philippine Government's Department of Education, WASH-Ed has already touched the lives of over 70,000 young individuals across the nation through workshops and collaborations with 22 schools.

Thomas's vision extends far beyond borders, as he collaborates with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to expand their Reinvented Toilet and Omni-Processor technologies in coastal communities throughout the Asia-Pacific region. His dedication to humanitarian engineering and the strengthening of Australia-Asia ties is underscored by his appointment as the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's inaugural New Colombo Plan Alumni Ambassador and Mentor.

Moreover, in 2022, Thomas was honored as a Westpac Future Leader scholar, a recognition that has played a pivotal role in furthering his educational pursuits and providing a platform to realize his future aspirations. His unwavering commitment to making education, particularly in water sanitation and hygiene, accessible, dignified, and affordable for all embodies the essence of inclusivity and leaves no one behind in the pursuit of progress.

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